The Buffalo Bills are going to shellac the AFC East this year

Sep 11, 2022

It was a bad day for the New England Patriots and the New York Jets. It was a good day for the Miami Dolphins and a great day for the Buffalo Bills. 

The Buffalo Bills are going to shellac the AFC East this year. 

I watched the entire first half of the Dolphins vs Patriots game before switching to NFL RedZone. From that point forward, I saw clips of Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens piling on the Jets. I didn’t get to see many clips from Miami. Based on what I’ve been told, both teams didn’t look outstanding. The stats tell the same story. 

Before the 2022 NFL regular season schedule was even released, we had all concluded that the Bills would win the East again. The Bills are in line to repeat what the Patriots did for many years with Tom Brady. The Bills will play six games against the other AFC East teams, and Buffalo will lay down a beating. 

Watching all three of the Bills’ opponents play today, I can’t figure out how any of the three can beat Buffalo. Maybe Bill Belichick can outcoach Sean McDermott. However, the Dolphins coaching staff outcoached the Patriots in week one, so there’s a problem. Neither the Patriots, Jets, or Dolphins match the Bills’ talented roster. And I don’t think any of their defences have the talent or scheme to stop Josh Allen.

I’m a New England Patriots fan. I’m very aware of how long this season is going to be. I’m not concerned, my expectations were relatively low for New England this season, but the gap between the Patriots and the Bills is even more significant than I thought. 

There are no guarantees in football, so I’m not going to guarantee the Bills will win the Super Bowl, even though I probably should. I can say with a lot of confidence that I see no scenario where the Dolphins, Jets, or Patriots beat the Buffalo Bills. 

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