The Buffalo Bills Have Continued The NFL’s Tradition of Enabling Sexual Violence Towards Women

Aug 27, 2022

You can count on three things in life; death, taxes, and the NFL not taking sexual violence toward women seriously. 

I want to write about sports. I’m a sports blogger. I write about governing bodies and teams covering up sexual assaults and protecting the players who do it. But between the Cleveland Browns, Deshaun Watson, NFL, Hockey Canada, Canada Soccer, and now the Buffalo Bills and Matt Araiza, I don’t.

The only time I’m invited on the Dean Blundell Show is to talk about some player sexually assaulting women and the team and league protecting him. I don’t blame Dean; why the fuck would he have me on to promote a company that enables, and in my opinion, condones violence towards women? 

Add the Buffalo Bills to my shitlist. 

A big story dropped on Thursday that Bills rookie punter Matt Araiza had been named in a lawsuit accusing him of participating in the gang rape of a 17-year-old girl. This news came right after the Buffalo Bills released returning punter Matt Haack and named Araiza the starter.

As details began to leak, it became clear the Bills had known about this long before head coach Sean McDermott gave Araiza the starting job.

This story has been developing quickly, and whenever I start processing one piece of information, something else happens.

Early Saturday afternoon, The Buffalo Bills were aware of the accusations against Araiza in July. Not only that, but while the Bills were doing their investigation, they refused to speak with the victim’s lawyer.

All we can do is hope that public pressure will force Buffalo to do the right thing. Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott have already proven that they won’t do the right thing independently. 

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