The Conspiracy Theory behind “Eyes Wide Shut”

brentonontour Feb 9, 2023

This week on “Live from Machete Comics” we discuss the controversy and conspiracy theories behind Stanley Kubrick’s final film “Eyes Wide Shut!”

“Obviously, the conspiracy regarding the death of Kubrick is a lightweight one, but it does speak directly to the themes of the film. Was Kubrick killed for knowing too much, broadly in the way that many people believe the paedophile Jeffrey Epstein was? It’s a question that has fueled conspiracy theorists for years, and for those wishing to believe, the film provides many answers. Taken very seriously, Eyes Wide Shut can be viewed as Kubrick’s ultimate work. An allegory for man, trapped in a state of inertia, in a limbo of servitude to those who truly rule the world, the one’s behind the mask, pulling the strings, but those we never see.” SOURCE

Of course there are two sides to every argument which you can read HERE

Have you seen the film? Do you agree with the controversy surrounding it? Listen HERE.


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