The ‘Don Cherry Protest’ outside of Rogers is a happening spot

Shug McSween Nov 13, 2019

Can’t fault them for trying.

The ‘Don Cherry Protest’, as it’s being dubbed, is off to a blazing start in the frigid cold temperatures as a few people have gathered to show their support for the Coach’s Corner hockey icon.

Let’s take a look:

Always one in the crowd:

Appears the narrative changes once someone realises they can get some decent exposure.

To me, what’s being lost at sea is the fact the message was to wear more poppies and show more support for troops. It’s now turned into 45 other debates and the amount of division that’s taken place is incredible for all the wrong reasons.

Support the troops, plain and simple. And for the 175,000 who have signed the ‘Re-hire Don’ protest, appears their support has some limits as maybe 25 people showed up today. 25 out of 175,000, is that bad?


Shug McSween

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