The Guy Threatening Female Journalists In Canada Is A Former Army Guy And He’s One Of A Few

Aug 13, 2022

If you haven’t been following the ongoing story of female journalists in Canada getting verbally abused and physically threatened by complete and total losers, here’s the deal:

A small group of former Canadian Forces guys (and a few of their drunk-ass hillbilly pals) threaten people in media under different aliases from Proton Mail accounts. They are explicitly targeting female journalists because they’re soft as fuck according to this loser-brigade.

One of the more vocal little fucks is Jeremy Mackenzie, who goes by “Raging Dissident,” and he’s a fucking MESS.

When he’s not getting arrested for waving a loaded weapon around in a store, he’s getting arrested for no fewer than 12 firearms charges.

Jeremy’s band of super losers call themselves ‘Diagolon. They’re a bunch of drunk fucks who hate women, common sense, sobriety, Canada, and every media outlet on the planet.

But they save their reject bullets for female reporters because they hate intelligent women.

He tried to come after us a year ago and ended up sending me a bunch of apology emails because he’s a pussy.

After watching him go after Rachel Gilmore, and several other female reporters, we had him sent to the Twitter moon of irrelevance because I’ve had enough of his shit.

Jeremy is a sad case of what happens when you get abused by the Canadian government after serving your country. He’s legitimately unwell, but it’s hard to feel sorry for the raging prick when he and his equally fucked up friend group keep sending women in media, trying to do their jobs, threatening emails pretending to be someone else. He’s also a cautionary tale of untreated mental and emotional illness.

They do it all the time.

During the convoy, one of them sent an email to every councilor at Toronto City Hall pretending to be me and that I wanted to murder all the councilors and MPs because I hate black people.

TPS showed up at my door, presented me with the Proton Mail email containing my name, and I laughed. They didn’t. That was fun.

Through that process, a couple of Jeremy’s associates came to light, and the good people at YRP filled me in.

They pay for Proton Mail accounts (the exchange is in France) because there’s no way to trace them back to the account’s owner without an almost impossible set of legal circumstances. As a result, they harass people with impunity. Like total fucking nerds.

Are they dangerous?

I guess so.

I’m not scared of them because they know I know worse people, and I deal with their shit legally (I may or may not have helped kettle a few). But a young woman plying her trade doesn’t know what to do when they wake up to an email for Jer and friends threatening to “find them” for doing their jobs to the best of their ability.

So Jer, tell your friends to pick on dudes your size. You know, guys like me who know where you park your shitty old boat. It’ll be harder without a Twitter account, but you have my email. I have all your old emails from when we tried to help you with your mefloquine suit at John Dowe’s request.

I have them all, including when we realized you were you – a total fucking racist mess who hates this country and the people in it.

Let’s pick up where we left off, and send your entertainment this way, Meat.

I’m your huckleberry.

Do what I told you to do last year. Go directly to the hospital and don’t come out until you get help. Please do it for your family while you still have one.



Jer decided to threaten a bunch of people instead of seeking help.

Jer’s problem? He just threatened 1) Mubin Shaikh, counter-terrorism expert with profound ties to the kind of people who don’t take kindly to Jer threatening Canadians. 2) He put a bounty on the head of a human being, and 3) Jer is obsessed with Global’s Rachel Gilmore because she’s publishing every shit-lipped thing he’s been doing to intimidate her.


Dean Blundell

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