The Hero We Need: Canadian Treasure Jennifer Valentyne Sheds Light On The Ugly Side Of Being A Woman In Broadcasting In New Video

May 21, 2022

First off I would like to say that Jennifer Valentyne is a Canadian treasure and was a part of my mornings for as long as I can remember. My parents loved BT ( when Jennifer was on) so every morning before school it was on the TV as all the kids got ready to go. We would always wait until Jens’s segment was over before we went to school because it always had such good energy and would send you out the door happy. Imagine that.

Then she was let go out of nowhere (or so we thought) and many fans like my parents left watching BT with Jennifer. It wasn’t and hasn’t been the same since.

Jennifer released a video outlining the abuse she took at the hand of old, out-of-touch media cucks. It was triggering and sad to say the very least. I worked in MSM for a hot minute. The company I worked for was classy and treated everyone with respect but sadly I can’t say the same for some of the folks who worked in the same newsroom and owned the building. Some of the stuff I heard from APs and the higher-ups in the newsroom were toxic, to say the least. Everything Jennifer is saying is 100% true.

It’s the old broadcast narrative that all the program directors and senior producers use. If you don’t want to do exactly what we tell you “there is a lineup of people outside waiting to have your job”. You are just lucky to be here.

MSM doesn’t like us here at We say the things no one else wants to because the media in this country is the mob. You won’t see anyone else run with this Jennifer Valentyne story because they are all in bed together, but we will. We will do our very best to amplify Jennifer’s message because it is an important one and a warning shot for women who want to work in traditional media.

This is why we started this independent publication in the first place. Build a community that treats everyone with respect no matter their sexual orientation, gender or skin colour who can speak out on issues the big 3 won’t. People over profits. Is this company we created rolling in dough right now? No, but we are doing things the right way and money will come if we keep putting values first.

Thank you Jennifer for speaking up. Just know everyone here has your back. You are admired by all Canadian and it is powerful that you are doing the right thing in the public eye. The strength you are giving others to speak up will be life-changing.

You are the hero we need.

PS: You are way better than us, we totally would have named names.

Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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