The Island Boys Are Back And Are Big On Incest

Joe Williamson Jul 18, 2023

Remember the Island Boys? For a moment in time, they were everywhere! Even our very own Dean Blundell was constantly playing their not-a-hit song on repeat.

After this clip went insane viral their careers took off…sort of…They earned enough internet fame to be welcomed to UFC events, do cameos, and make a bit of money.

Well, it seems Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd have fallen on some hard times and started an OnlyFans account with just a smidge of incest, and get this, they don’t think it’s weird. They think you’re weird for thinking it’s weird.

As per TMZ

So there it is. Not a weird make-out session between brothers.

I’ll bet Mom and Dad are very proud.

Joe Williamson

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