The Jets Take Flight and Walk Off The Bills

Sep 11, 2023

Well, week 1 wrapped up with an AFC East battle between the kings of the division in the Buffalo Bills and the upstart New York Jets.

The game started with Aaron Rodgers getting hit but that hit resulted in him leaving the game and maybe worse because it appears that Aaron tore his achilles.

After the injury to Rodgers this game honestly didn’t have much until later in second quarter when Josh Allen found who else but Stefon Diggs in the endzone as we go into the half with a 13-3 Bills lead.

Before anyone blasts me for how little I have wrote the first three quarters weren’t good like last nights game at MetLife and it wasn’t until three minutes left in the game when Garrett Wilson made an unbelievable catch that I think can be an early candidate for catch of the year as the score is now tied at 13 all.


Josh Allen, who had a rather careless and reckless game with 3 INTs and a fumble, with no time left and a Jets 16-13 lead managed to get the Bills into FG range and Tyler Bass got the kick to go through, thanks to a bounce off the upright as we are off to overtime. 16-16.

The Jets forced the Bills to a 3 and out in overtime then after a punt by Buffalo’s Sam Martin, undrafted rookie Xavier Gipson took that football and ran it back to the house to give the New York a 1-0 start on the year and the teams first 1-0 start since 2018 where they also won on Monday Night Football.


Now for the Buffalo side of things, Josh Allen if he truly wants to be the saviour of Buffalo he has to look back on the mistakes he made tonight because if he continues to play like the he did tonight, it could be a long season for the Mafia.

Jets fans, enjoy this, relish the win but know that Dallas is waiting for you and they beat your co MetLife Stadium tenants 40-0 last night.



Griff Bordignon

Hi, my name is Griff and I'm a complete sports nut. I love to play sports, watch sports and most importantly bet on sports too. If I'm not watching or betting on sports, you can find me on the golf course, between the pipes as your average beer league goaltender. Although sports take up most of my life, I also love spending time with my two dogs, streaming usually a 90's Simpson's or attempting to read more books.

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