The Kansas City Chiefs Were Supposed To Suck. Turns Out They’re Still One of The Best Teams in The NFL

Sep 20, 2022

The Kansas City Chiefs were written off during the offseason, primarily when Tyreek Hill was traded to the Miami Dolphins. I guess we all forgot that Patrick Mahomes was still the Chiefs quarterback.

On the newest episode of Ray’s Sports Rant, I sat down with Emmy Award winner Brad Symcox, the host of the Great British Chiefs Show for Arrowhead Pride. Brad discussed how the NFL’s popularity has exploded across Europe. We touched on the difference between European and North American NFL fans. During the offseason, NFL fans and pundits were down on the Chiefs. However, Chiefs fans and media were just rolling their eyes because they knew that Kansas City was still the team everybody else was chasing.

To prepare you for the show, I sent Brad three questions about the Kansas City Chiefs, and he graciously answered them for us.

There were a lot of people down on the Kansas Chiefs this off-season. It got heated up when Tyreek Hill was traded to the Miami Dolphins. Despite the predictions that the Chiefs were regressing, Kansas City has started 2-0. How vindicated do you feel after all the nonsense about the Chiefs in the offseason? 

I’m not going to lie; it’s a great feeling so far because clearly, the Chiefs are the team to beat and have been for the past 5-6 seasons. All the teams in the AFC West went out and brought in big-money stars in a bid to topple the Chiefs. The Chiefs lost Tyreek but used the 5 draft picks from the deal wisely to get younger and cheaper. So far, it looks like a solid strategy by Brett Veach.

Sticking with Tyreek Hill. After he left Kansas City, Hill became very vocal about Tua’sTua’s accuracy. He also seemed to take little shots at Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs organization. Has your feeling towards Tyreek Hill changed since he departed from the Chiefs? 

To be honest, yes, it has. Tyreek will always be respected and appreciated by Chiefs fans everywhere for what he achieved in Kansas City, but the breakup felt messy. Chiefs fans gave Tyreek a lot of love and support during all the issues happening off the field. The fans and the organization gave him everything, and all we asked for in return was loyalty. Tyreek took the money and ran, clearly leaving a bitter taste in many fans’ mouths. It felt like being dumped by your long-term partner for a better offer. Tyreek has since become a lot more vocal with his new podcast. I get it. He has to promote his new team and his new QB, but trying to compare or even elevate Tua over Mahomes makes a person look foolish. On the flip side, it’s like trying to reach Dan Marino with Matt Cassel!

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During the beginning of the Patrick Mahomes era, it felt like Andy Reid leaned heavily on the Chiefs’ offence. This season has been very different, and we’ve seen the defence step up and play complimentary football. Are 2022 Kansas City Chiefs better than the 2021 Kansas City Chiefs? 

The Chiefs certainly feel much more balanced this year on both sides of the ball. I’m not saying they are suddenly the complete team. Still, it does feel like the Chiefs are trying to get younger, faster and healthier on defence while trying to make the offence predictable by spreading the ball around. We’ve seen proof of this with Mahomes using 11 pass catchers in just 2 weeks! Mahomes is quite unique in the fact he embraces change very well; he’s willing to do what it takes to win by adapting to the skill sets of his teammates. He uses what he knows and helps to elevate those players around him. The Chiefs roster feels much deeper this year, but some areas still need work, such as the pass rush and cornerback. Both are serviceable areas of the roster now, but I’m confident Brett Veach will be looking to strengthen those areas in the draft.

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