The Most Popular Man in Buffalo: Conehead

Jun 12, 2024

If you’re from Buffalo, this man needs no introduction. But for those Torontonians/ Canadians who aren’t aware of the AAA Buffalo Bisons most popular staff member, Conehead, let me introduce you.

As you may have guessed, Conehead is not his given name, his real name is Tom Girot. He’s been a beer vendor in Buffalo since 1972 and has been at Sahlen Field vending since opening on April 14, 1988. That’s 52 years he’s been selling beer… 52 years. I honestly thought he was messing with me when he told me that.

Naturally, his favourite MLB team is the Cleveland Guardians, as the Bisons were previously the AAA affiliate for Cleveland from 1995-2008. Dedicated and loyal – a rarity in 2024.

He also currently vends beer in Rochester for the Red Wings, the AAA affiliate for the Washington Nationals. In fact, earlier today the Red Wings had an afternoon game so it’s double header day for him. Just the busiest man in the beer biz.

He told me his favourite thing about his job is “selling beer and making people happy, making people smile.” and boy do the fans appreciate him. I went to talk to him long before the game started, the gates had just opened, and all of the storefront vendors were free and clear. Yet, he was standing in the concourse with a few selections of beer and fans were lined up for their chance to buy a beer with the Conehead guarantee (“get a warm beer from me, you drink it for free”).

Fans all over Sahlen field sport all sorts of conehead gear. Including t-shirts, hats, Bisons jerseys with Conehead on the back, and there’s even a local craft beer company that has a beer after him, aptly named, Conehead IPA/ The Legend of the Cone.

Of course the Bisons have an official mascot, Buster, who is super cute and wonderful…. But I would go out on a limb to say that Conehead definitely rivals that mascottery. He doesn’t dance or do gymnastics (from what I’ve seen), but there’s always a line of people wanting a photo or autograph, or just to say hi.

I’m a big fan of anyone that wants to bring joy to others, and beer. So all in all, I give Conehead 9 out of 10 hot dogs (it would be nice to see a backflip or something).

*This story was written by Taylor Belford

Scott Belford

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