Video: The Origin Story of Bills Mafia

Oct 16, 2022

No name fits a fan base more than Bills Mafia.

The Buffalo Bills have the most rabid fan base in all of sports. Throughout a 17-year playoff drought, they remained fiercely loyal and supported their team. Whether you cheer for the Bills or not, you can’t deny that they are deserving of the success they are experiencing today.

From pounding Labbat’s to jumping through tables, Bills fans leave a unique mark everywhere. They’ve simply become known as the Bills Mafia.

While other team’s supporters take on cliche names like Pats Nation, Raiders Nation, Blue Jays Nation, and whatever other Nation you want to include. Buffalo adopted Mafia. A lifestyle of “us vs the world.” A fan base that, instead of mocking an injured player, unite and make donations in that player’s name.

So while it was fun to mock them when Buffalo was the laughingstock of the NFL, their loyalty has paid off. All we can do is watch in envy as the most incredible fan base in the NFL enjoys watching the best team in football.

But where did the name Bills Mafia come from? It turns out Bills Mafia was coined when a group of Bills fans banned together to defend a Buffalo player who made a costly mistake that cost the Bills the game.

This is the Bills Mafia origin story.

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