The PornHub 2023 Year In Review Has Arrived: Abella Danger Is The GOAT & We Are A Depraved Species

Dec 28, 2023

The United States is at the top again, just raking in the porn hours. Is anyone surprised? No.

The sharp increases of 132% and 168% respectively in searches for “Granny” and “DILF” as the top trends in 2023’s pornography are both confounding and unsettling. The surge in interest in “Super Size” could be attributed to America’s fascination with large-scale objects.

The trend in “Sex Machines” is deeply concerning, prompting thoughts of involving law enforcement. Who exactly is visiting platforms like the Hub and actively seeking out “3D Robot” content?

Could this signify the initial phase of human surrender to artificial intelligence? The gradual dominance of AI seems evident. Will the public soon openly engage in intimate relations with robots? Regrettably, the answer doesn’t seem to be a definitive “no.” The interest in “Uniforms” appears reasonable due to ongoing conflicts and the widespread appeal of role-playing. Surprisingly, it’s not the primary search term.

Exploring the realm of “Sexual Healing” seems understandable in an era where therapy is prevalent and such fantasies abound. However, I’m utterly astonished by the popularity of grandma porn and the fascination with robots.

I don’t tend to seek out non-human subjects when it comes to adult content, but everyone has their preferences. I must admit, none of these particular trends prompt me to consider involving law enforcement, which is a relief. “Avatar” being a popular search term is challenging, yet it’s an improvement over last year’s sixth-place position held by “Sonic.”

Now onto what all you grease buckets came here for. The Top 5 Porn Stars of 2023.

#5. Violet Myers

#4. Lana Rhoades ( who hasn’t done any new Porn in 7+ years)

#3. Eva Elfie.

#2. Angela White

#1. Abella Danger

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