The Reaction About My David Parker Interview/Podcast Is A Purity Circle Jerk For the Ages

May 13, 2024

And it hasn’t even dropped yet.

I’m not surprised by a lot anymore.
But this week’s response to my Interviewing David Parker (for the fourth time) surprised me—kind of, but not really.
Take “Energy Reporter” for the Tyee, Markham Hislop, as an example. The dude has retweeted me and my work for two years, where it suited his loyalty to the numpties he has an invisible social contract with until I decided to brand a podcast series around David Parker, the freedom movement, and Take Back Alberta.
He and his friend Luke Lebrun from publicly funded (donations) left-wing affirmation service, Press Progress, have been working HARD to make me look like a fascist or someone morally irresponsible for interviewing someone they hate.
Sort of. Is Markham okay with me contracting the interview but not doing the actual interview itself? It’s pretty much the whole point of an agreement or contract to do an interview— it’s the interview.

Now, my agreement with David is simple. He gives me access to his network, himself, and the Freedom Movement in Alberta/Canada. We bring culture leaders from David’s world and my world together to discuss their views, how they arrived at where they are, and why they believe what they believe. Due to David and I publicly shitting all over each other for two years, and our genuine dislike of Pierre Poilievre’s government, we crafted an agreement (these things require agreements and NDAs, it’s standard) to create a podcast series around our conversations.

David is HATED by the left. Markham Hislop is a power left who gets paid to be a power left for climate folks and progressives. Press Progress runs around collecting donations to affirm their position as the power-left third-party agency to do precisely what Luke has done to Caryma, myself, and dozens of other people who dare to engage with ANYONE whom they deem unsavory, and they do it all for money. Not because they care about Canada or this country, but because they certainly don’t care about discourse or getting to know the people behind taking Alberta back to the 1800s before they leave Canada.

Maybe Markham and Luke aren’t interested in educating Canadians by getting to know a group that very likely might change the Map of Canada as much as they are interested in having their faces on the Mount Rushmore of SJWs.

Maybe Markham’s “Energy Journalism” podcast is underwater, and he’s looking for a bump.

Maybe Luke is still angry that Caryma is suing him for copyright infringement, and his paycheck comes from his boss begging lobby groups for money to do hippie identity politics. I don’t know.

Maybe we have a massive issue with people who think social media is accurate, and they have to adhere to some invisible rules in their global constellation of dickheads scared to engage with people they hate because they get all TRIGGERED.

Here’s how it works

The Lefty Echo Chamber of influencers and fake news outlets is no different than the bullshit artists on the right. They are just as mean. It’s just as exclusive and stupid as Rebel News and Canada Proud. They insult the intelligence of any curious individual who doesn’t identify with R or L.

The funnier part is the elite left is just as dumb as the elite right.

Markham, a self-proclaimed morally upstanding journalist and right-wing fighter for decency, retweeted what he thought about my article and my intention before reading it, in which I clearly stated my intentions for interviewing David Parker and members of the freedom movement.


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What a great guy, a hero, and a seasoned veteran. The kind of veteran who’s done so many interviews he doesn’t know requires agreements with boundaries for those interviews? It seems a little “SUS,” as the kids say. I could shit all over Markham, but I won’t. I know he has mouths to feed, but 3 minutes into his podcast, I can honestly tell you my writing, although essential and shit, is nowhere near the “quality” of his sweet, sweet podcast “The Energi Talks Pod.” Where he talks about energy. And stuff.

Still, I get what Markham and Luke and some of their well-intentioned acolytes are doing. Somewhere, someone told them they were here to save the world. This is weird because psychos on the right are doing the same thing. Larping for performance points from their nameless WOKE or UNWOKE online social “crew.”

This is the way we work now, and people like Markham are nothing more than “Yukon Strong” for the left. Exclusive, angry projectionist who don’t care who they hurt on behalf of their social contract. It’s binary shit reserved for people who care more about themselves than anything they say they care about.

I align with Markham and Luke’s core values. I do. Climate change to inclusivity—democracy VS fascism. I’ve spent the last five years extoling those values and virtues. I still do.

I also align with 80% of this country who are capable of not being afraid to find out more about religious bullshit in Politics, the kaleidoscope of groups in the “freedom movement,” and the notion Albertans want to leave Canada. That will be the story of 2025. Alberta’s sovereignty movement and the weird nuclear resentment a particular segment of this country has for progressive values and everything east of Manitoba. I want to know who’s driving that and why.

That’s why I went to Alberta and want to return: to learn more about wellness, extremism, oil and gas, and the “Freeman” movement that a massive portion of that province values as much as some of us value our reasoning.

More intelligent people want to know the same thing.

I know I’m a punching bag for the binary. I’m okay with projectionist assholes curating my new reputation depending on what I tweet or write or say. I don’t do content for the left or right. I do content that interests me and operate a business that sells content, and I plan on selling the SHIT out of what I find out in these sit-downs and interviews.

As I said before, I’m also totally prepared for David, TBA, and the Berta powers that be to fuck me over. I prepared for the mob from both sides to project their intentions to their tribe about my work, and I legitimately don’t care.

I think the rest of the country will benefit from these interviews. Some will like them, some won’t. They might meet your expectations according to your values and virtues. I can’t control that. What I can control is my effort and intention to get inside a historic movement filled with hippies, religious idealists, extremists, and libertarians masquerading as conservatives who quite literally have the power to change the Map of Canada.

It would be best if you cut through some Kife to get there. AND that’s all the Markhams, Press Progresses, and those fake douchebags at “ANTIFA” are to me. Kife. Preventative kife is an excellent example of why everyone hates progressivism. We’re fighting for the same thing, but they’re too scared to get that part.

Thank you for reading my “shit” blog. Have a great day!




Dean Blundell

Dean Blundell is a Canadian radio personality. Best known as a longtime morning host on CFNY-FM (The Edge) in Toronto, Ontario. In 2015 he was named the new morning host on sports radio station CJCL (Sportsnet 590 The Fan). Dean started his career in radio in 2001 and for nearly 20 years been entertaining the radio audience. Dean’s newest venture is the launch of his site and podcast which is gaining tremendous momentum across North America.

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