The Sad Boy Community Is Carving Taylor Swift Today For ‘Intentionally’ Ignoring Celine Dion At The Grammys

Feb 5, 2024

Sad boys unite. You are all real pieces of work.

Name one Celine Dion song…

Upon further investigation, it does seem that Taylor Swift’s lack of acknowledgment towards Celine Dion appears awkward and unusual.

We must consider the context. Swift had just clinched a Grammy, a significant achievement. Swift’s Grammy win holds historical significance. Not only did she secure a Grammy, but she also cemented her place as the artist with the most ‘Album of the Year’ wins, surpassing iconic figures like Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra, and Paul Simon.

For your information. Celine did not take it personally. So the public shouldn’t either! Also, Celine is suffering from “A rare autoimmune neurological disorder that most commonly causes muscle stiffness and painful spasms that come and go and can worsen over time”. It is super sad, but Celine has been very open about it. If I was Taylor, I would be nervous to hug her! You don’t wanna hurt her or cause her any pain. It’s Canadian treasure CELINE DION!!!

They got together backstage for a warm embrace.

Go cry more in your blow-up dolls fellas.

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