The Scariest Video Game Ever?

BRADYTVOfficial Nov 27, 2021


Let me start by saying that Visage is in no way a game for kids. Within the first 10 minutes of the game there are depictions of murder and suicide. Moving past that disclaimer, WOW what a ride. I’m not hamming thing game up when I say the Visage is quite possibly the scariest and most stressful video game ever… at least that I’ve played.


Visage on the surface appears to be a game about a haunting or demonic presence in a house. Upon  a closer look, it might actually be about mental illness. You play as a person (gender and age undisclosed) who begins the game by murdering their family and then seemingly committing suicide. You then wake up and spend at least the first 90 minutes of the game (that’s how far I’ve played) in your home hallucinating horrifying things while using pills to

try to keep your sanity in check.  The hallucinations alone would be enough to stress you right out, but couple it with the task of making sure your sanity bar doesn’t drain and you are in for an intense experience.

Not into gaming, but still interested in the story?

I got you. I’m currently playing the game on my gaming channel. I have mixed feelings about it because the content that is coming out of it is great, but I hate every second that I’m playing. The first episode is a little slow as I am just checking out the ropes, but things heat up… and fast.

Check it out and subscribe if you want to see more.



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