The Super Bowl Logo Theory: According To A Local News Channel The Fix Is In And The 49ers Will Play The Ravens In The Super Bowl

Jan 21, 2024

Conspiracy theorists hang on to your tin foil hats.

The fix is in. The NFL playoffs are pre-determined and the 49ers will play the Ravens in the Super Bowl. A local news channel accidentally flashed this up on the screen during one of their new casts and people lost their collective minds.

A lot of people in the world cry the NFL is fixed and I do not believe it. However, the logo theory has turned some heads. Let me explain. The last 3 Super Bowl logos have predicted the colours of the teams to meet in the big game.

It also doesn’t help that the NFL changed the logo mid-way through the season. It isn’t farfetched to say the two #1 seeds will make it to the big dance. Especially when both teams have the front runners for NFL MVP (McCaffrey, Jackson)

Whatever you may think it is weird, get ready for the drove of crazies if this indeed is a match in the Super Bowl.

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