These Passengers Stuck Upside Down On A Ride At Canada’s Wonderland For 45 Minutes Is What Nightmares Are Made Of

Sep 25, 2023

After about 45 mins they were able to get everyone down safety 🫠😮‍💨 I’m definitely not getting on this ride any time soon! #canadaswonderland #canada #toronto #amusementpark #ridegetsstuck #scary #wtf #viral #fyp

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Via NPR– A Canadian amusement park ride turned into nightmare fuel on Sunday after stopping suddenly, suspending passengers upside down, 75 feet above the ground, for nearly 30 minutes.

The lumberjack ride, located at Canada’s Wonderland theme park in Vaughan, Ontario, contains two hydraulic arms, shaped like axes, that swing back and forth, occasionally propelling themselves into full 360-degree swings.

A Wonderland spokesperson did not disclose the cause of the ride’s abrupt stop, but did say that the maintenance team was able to respond quickly. Theme park crowds watched as the rescue unfolded, capturing the dangling passengers crying for help in videos shared on social media.

In some clips, the park staff can be heard through a megaphone asking, “Is everyone doing OK up there?” The crowd of riders shouts back “No!” in near-unison.

It’s unclear how many people were on the ride, which contains enough seats for 48 people. Some of the passengers were seated face-to-face with strangers, a design choice that “let guests interact with one another and watch the terror on their friends’ faces as they loop round and round,” according to the Wonderland website.

The idea of being stranded on a regular roller coaster would be nerve-wracking enough, but now the picture being trapped upside down. It’s nothing short of an absolute horror. I can’t emphasize this enough.

I used to relish the thrill of roller coasters. My friends and I meticulously planned our visits, ensuring we conquered every coaster within a single day. It was a badge of honour – working a full day of excitement in the park and still hungering for more. That’s what being a kid at an amusement park meant, non-stop action.

Fast forward to adulthood, and the mere thought of hopping on a roller coaster is inconceivable. The speed, the jolts, the ensuing headaches, and the endless lines – NOPE. The prospect of voluntarily subjecting myself to a ride that spins and flips me upside down holds absolutely zero appeal.

Now, imagine not only willingly boarding such a ride but also finding yourself suspended upside down, sharing the discomfort with strangers. It’s a nightmare scenario beyond belief. What do you do when you’re up there with blood rushing to your head? Is it one of those situations where you attempt to conserve your energy, unsure of how long this ordeal will last, or do you lose your composure immediately? Regardless of the response, all I can say is that I would rather be anywhere else in the world than upside down for 45 minutes.

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