These Taylor Swift NFL/SATAN/Biden Conspiracies Are INCREDIBLE

Jan 30, 2024

I actually LOVE a good conspiracy. I line up for them – especially the religious ones.

Taylor Swift is now driving the MAGA/conspiracy machine, and you can thank her relationship with Chiefs TE Travis Kelce.

Taylor Swift Conspiracy #1

Swift Is Working With Roger Goodell To Announce Her Biden Endorsement During The Superbowl

The Biden/Superbowl endorsement conspiracy theory comes directly from the GOP. MAGA. Vivek Ramasmarmy floated the conspiracy last week but was part of the MAGA world online op for a few weeks. Vivek kicked it into overdrive, so weirdos and jackoffs like Jack Posobiec and Jesse Waters from Fox could start pumping the machine. The only goal is to lessen Swift’s impact to get voters registered.

She’s helped register more voters in the last year than either the Democrats or the GOP, who DON’T want people to vote. She’s more influential than any political party or politician, and her influence is global. Taylor Swift scares the SHIT out of conservatives.

Taylor Swift Conspiracy Number 2:

Taylor Swift is a Satanic agent of witchcraft sent here by Satan to keep God’s chosen one, Donald J Trump, out of the White House.

Let’s see – one’s a convicted rapist who stole nuclear state secrets after attempting a coup in the United States. The other is an artist who sings about love, resilience, girl power, and getting dumped by Jake Gyllenhall.

You need to be an evangelical extremist or high on whippets to believe this one, but I like it. It combines the Biden/Superbowl stretch with the evangelical attachment to the guilt of not fighting against the devil (lol) in the best interest of salvation and the moral compass of all Christian children who are led to worship the devil by listening to Taylor Swift’s lyrics.

(LOL. Religious muffins.)

Like the lyrics from Karma, which looks like a one-way ticket to HELL.

“Karma is a cat purring on my lap because it loves me…”

If Taylor Swift is an event of Satan, what’s Trumpski?

For all their conspiratorial moral superiority and God-ordained social alpha status, MAGA/Evangelical America is REALLY scared of a pop star. Like, fucking petrified, and I can smell the Schadenfreude from here.


Dean Blundell

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