They Are Bringing Back The Firing Squad

Joe Williamson Mar 19, 2022

You know what I love about the United States? No matter what type of crisis is going on in the world or in their own backyard there are some politicans who just can’t help but figure out ways to make it easier to kill convicted criminals.

Enter South Carolina approving execution by firing squad. While the prefferred method in South Carolina is still the electric chair, inmates can now choose between the chair, lethal injection or firing squad. I can hear you thinking, “Why wouldn’t everyone just chose lethal injection?” Well, there is a misconception that lethal injection is the preferred and humane way to do these sorts of things but a surprising amount of lethal injections go horribly wrong. The cocktail of chemicals and medication can lead to some terrifying and potentially unconstitutional results.

The new process boils down to this: they strap the inmate to a chair, place a hood over the person’s head and a three man firing squad takes aim at the inmates heart.

It sounds horrible, but as John Oliver helped outline two years ago, it might be the best of three unspeakable options.

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Joe Williamson

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