This Andrew Wiggins Wife/Best Friend/Baby Daddy Rumour Is Pure Craziness

Mar 22, 2023

Andrew Wiggins took a leave of absence from the Golden State Warriors just over a month ago, and if the rumors are true, I don’t think he’ll be back anytime soon.

What’s The Runor?

ALLEGEDLY, Wiggins’ best friend has been sleeping with his wife and just found out his kids belong to his best friend.

This is a decent breakdown of the “rumor.”  Short, sweet, and to the point.

“Andrew Wiggins has been raising his best friend’s kids because he’s a best friend who has been sleeping with his wife for years.”


“Rumor” has it that neither of the kids Andrew was raising with his wife are his, and he took a leave of absence to figure it all out (he’s missing his 17th straight game tonight). Officially the warriors are saying it is a “Family Matter,” but that’s not his family anymore, so they shouldn’t matter to Andrew anymore.

Draymond came to Andrews’s defense today regarding this “rumor,” and he’s right. But this is FUCKED and every caring parent’s nightmare, and it’s Andrew Wiggens, so people want to talk about it, including me.

Part of me aches for Wiggins, who probably loves those kids, and now he has to figure out how not to.

Another part of me says Wiggin’s just landed a get-out-of-family-jail-free card with a legal excuse to never pay child support or alimony on a 22 million/year salary.

I’m a glass-half-full guy, so I hope he embraces the latter.

I can’t imagine…


Dean Blundell

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