This Clip Proves Why Joey Votto Is A National Treasure And Needs To Be Protected At All Costs

Jul 27, 2023

WOW. I just laughed so hard. Ask any interviewer out there Joey Votto is one of the best interviews on the planet. He is thoughtful, entertaining and Canadian. In this clip, he takes a strip off Maddog Russo (in jest) because he said at the start of the season that Joey Votto and Zack Greinke are in the ‘hall of very good’.

Most players wouldn’t even remember or acknowledge the comment but as I said above Joy Votto is built differently. He not only remembered but went on a rant about putting Maddog in a body bag. YOU LOVE TO SEE IT.

To put the cherry on top, Joey is Canadian and now come to think of it he may be one of my favourite athletes of all time.

Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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