This Insane Thread From Max Burns Explaining Why Will Slapped Chris Proves The Smiths Are Drinking The Scientology Kool-Aid & Are In Deep

Mar 29, 2022

What in the actual fuck did I just read. At least the bitch slap makes sense now. If there was any proof that Will/Jada Smith were drinking the blue kool aid at the Scientology mixer this is it.

Let me try and break this down for you. Apparently, Scientology teaches you that slapping/physically humiliating fellow Scientologists in a group setting as a means of exerting superiority.

According to Max, “It is remarkably common within the cult. If you don’t do do this then you are then subject to getting slapped by a higher ranking Scientology official”.

Tom Cruise apparently practiced the same ideology when he lambasted his cast and crew a few months back over masking.

Cruise did this to prove to other scientologists that he has superior, because again according to this thread as a scientologist you don’t believe you can get sick.

Finally, it is revealed Smiths fund a Scientology school the New Village Leadership Academy in California to continue pushing this violent, insane ideology out to young people.

This story keeps getting weirder. Someone check on Max in a few days make sure he hasn’t been taken to Zenu/Gorgon the Destroyer or whatever lizard god they worship.

Will they come after me for blogging this? Someone check on me in a few days as well.


Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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