This One’s For Rob – Our Biggest Fan

Feb 10, 2023

Let me tell you about Rob, the ultimate dad.

He’s the father to my life partner and the most loving husband to Wendy McClung. To say ‘they don’t make em’ like Rob anymore’ is a huge understatement. He could build you literally anything from scratch, help you out of any bind and be the most valuable player on your softball team. That’s all in a week’s work for ol’ Robbie.

From the moment I started dating Amanda, Rob immediately took an interest in everything I was into. He started drinking craft beer (begrudgingly), trying different culinary experiences and listening to new ‘hip’ music. When he found out that his daughter was dating a ‘comedian’ he would show up to my shows and wait for me at the back of the room for a high five and a fresh craft beer. 

The main thing I got him hooked on though was sports. Sure, the guy was very active and athletic. If you’re putting together a squad for anything, you wanted Rob on it. When it comes to sports as a whole, I’m obsessive, which totally rubbed off on Rob. I started with getting him dialed-in on the Raptors. He’d surprise me with his knowledge on current NBA affairs and go off on how crazy the ‘Greek Freak’ was. Next thing you know, we’re celebrating a championship and buying each other Raptors gear.

Rob always loved the Blue Jays and the Leafs. We’d go back and forth about the greats and franchise history. I’d always do my best to sway him with my overrated takes. Whether or not he agreed with me, he’d go along with it. Either way, Busch Lights and salty tears were always on the menu as we’d share multiple first-round exits together.

Damn, I’m going to miss that man.

As I write this piece with the heaviest of hearts, I dedicate it to him. As mentioned, Rob always took an interest in everything I do. He loved our podcast and articles, especially the ones that featured old NHL players or broadcasters he’d see on TV. 

Not for nothing, I got Rob into sports betting. He would listen to our show and place our recommended bets. If the bet hit, he’d always follow it up with a text that said ‘nice one.’

As we head into the weekend, I have two picks that I’ll place for Rob. That guy was always the life of the party – cheering along with him was always the best. So feel free to ride with us, because these are the picks I would have given him for Friday, February 10th, 2023.

John Tavares: Over 3.5 Shots On Goal

Best Odds: -130 

Sportsbook: Pinnacle 

With the Leafs taking on Columbus who holds the worst record, the Blue Jackets also allow the 2nd most shots against in the league. Tavares averages almost 4 SOG per game and at -130 I’ll take it as a safe bet.

Pascal Siakam: Over 23.5 Points

Best Odds: -110

Sportsbook: Betway

This one was a little trickier as it’s the day after the trade deadline. I think we’re all a little shocked with how the Raptor’s front office handled yesterday, bringing back Jakob Poeltl. If he plays tonight, look for him to connect with old teammate and good friend Pascal Siakam as Jak is one of the better passing bigs and should unlock a lot of options

Stay away from any rebounding props as Utah is the best rebounding team in the league and I do not know how Jakob’s new role will affect our squads numbers. 

So please, follow along and tail us tonight. Not for nothing, but Rob and I have won two 50/50 draws in our day, so you could say luck is on our side.

Rest easy my dear Robert. You will be forever missed.


Josh Elijah

Touring stand-up comic with Yuk Yuk’s. Host of the ‘Down By Two’ Podcast and ‘DB2 Bets.’ Take him on the over.

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