This Slow-Mo View Of Adam Hadwin Getting Tackled Mid-Champagne Shower Needs To Be Hung In The Louvre

Jun 12, 2023


After careful consideration and contemplation of the situation, I have come to realize that certain events in the past week have truly stood out. It is remarkable that after a span of 69 years, a Canadian emerged victorious in the Canadian Open. Moreover, the merger between LIV and PGA added to the unusual occurrences within the golfing world. Despite these peculiar happenings, there was one particular moment that left me breathless. Yes, I understand that Adam Hadwin was wearing a hoodie, and I acknowledge the chaos that ensued with the crowd. However, let us take a moment to appreciate the impeccable form of the security guard’s tackle.

The way he handled that tackle was truly impressive. While I understand that the security guard was simply performing his duties, we can’t help but find amusement in the situation. I mean, seriously, who walks around the golf course with a champagne bottle in hand all day? It’s the unexpectedness of it all that adds to the humour. The guy was just there, showing his support for his fellow Canadian golfer, and ended up paying the price

I find myself irresistibly drawn to repeatedly watching the slow-motion video. Kudos to the Canadian Open for releasing such captivating footage. It’s precisely what we all desired and craved.

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