This Thread From Kara Swisher About WHY Elon Is Doing This And What Will Probably Happen To Twitter Is Incredible

Nov 20, 2022

Kara Swisher is one of my favorite Journos. She’s for real and OLD-SCHOOL. She’s all about relationships and has known Elon for twenty years.

Kara was also friends with the four guys who started Twitter when it was ODEO. She used to take time muffins and cakes and shit 20 years ago.

She and Elon were friendly until very recently. There might not be anyone better to diagnose WHY Elon just reinstated Donald Trump and seems intent on blowing up Twitter (I’m all for bringing back Donald, by the way).

Kara put together what I’d say is the definitive thread on WHY Elon is zeroing out Twitter and how little he cares about money – especially other people’s money. OPM.

Wham.Bam. Thank you, Ma’am. I said the same thing last week on the podcast, so I’m thrilled Kara Swisher noted it, too, because it makes me feel like a fucking genius.

(It’s cued up, so you don’t have to wade through two hours of us talking about farts)

In my opinion, Scotty is an Elon buff and reads too much into it. I think it’s just that easy. Elon thinks so macro; $44 billion in Saudi, Qatari, and Other People’s Money doesn’t matter to him. Who gives a fuck if he loses it. They assumed the same risk he did, and losing $15 billion in Saudi Blood money would make him feel heroic in a weird way.

In layman speak: if you borrowed a couple hundred from an asshole and didn’t pay the asshole back, you’d care less, and everyone who hated the asshole would laugh at the asshole.

He’s not thinking about making his $150 million a month to service the debt he incurred or the 90% drop in ad dollars. He hates advertisers.

Incels and hackers break stuff out of principle, and being a hero in that community matters to him. And he doesn’t give a shit if he breaks it. Buying a breaking Twitter would be just as legit as turning it into the most excellent app the world has ever seen.

He’s just messin’ around. Replacing people with AI, he’s making up on the fly while using Trump for free PR, and it’s working. He wants YOU to have to be on Twitter and wants you to pay for his high-minded shit while you do.

You might, too, if you had $200 billion in your sock drawer.

I’ve started to notice the glitching.  Problems loading your timeline and a bunch of tweets that look overlaid while your screen loads. Almost like it can’t keep up. Sometimes it just glitches out.

It’s probably a great time to take up woodworking, anyway.





Dean Blundell

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