This Video By The Cash Me Outside Girl Is Why You Should Believe In Yourself

Jan 11, 2019


Goddammit, this video is such a great life lesson as to why YOU can do anything and the sky’s the limit.

best friend writing GIF by Ultra Music

If this…

how bout dat GIF

Can morph into a millionaire rapper, there’s literally no fucking reason IMAGINABLE you can’t become enormously successful.  The worst guess in the history of the Dr. Phil show, Danielle Bregoli, is now a platinum-selling rap star with more money than everyone in her former trailer park combined.  Maybe she’s that real.  Maybe she’s a complete hood rat and proud of it and that works like NWA were 100% who they said they were and we loved them for it.


that’s why I love this whole thing.  It’s like some fucked up study as to why shit happens, and I think it’s because she’s a genuine badass who really doesn’t give a shit and you have to love that.  I don’t hate it.


I can’t understand a word she’s saying and I don’t care for the song but I like people that make us question how the fuck we all reached for the middle.

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So what did I learn watching this video and reading the Lyrics?


Magic with the ratchet, make these bitches disappear
Itty bitty bitches in my mentions, listen here
Itty bitty bitch, I run the city like the mayor
The bitch with the red ponytail in her hair (In her hair)
Ridin’ this beat like a motherfuckin’ snail


Not a thing, but that’s not the point kids.  If you give in to every basic instinct of how to act and what to do when you’re a teenager, there’s a very good chance someone will come along and nurture that into millions.  And parents, if your kid’s an asshole, let him/her be an asshole.  It’ll pay in the end.


Believe in you.  Always

Dean Blundell

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