This Week in Bitcoin (March 30)

Mar 30, 2022

Hey Crypto Bros!


It’s a busy week in the world on BTC! We have the ongoing Buying Campaign started last week by Terra LUNA which has pushed the Bitcoin price up over 20% in the past few weeks. Then yesterday we got word that THE GOAT Michael Saylor (his company holds more Bitcoin than anyone) has taken out a Bitcoin backed Loan to buy more Bitcoin, Ukraine is loaded with Crypto and one of the managers of The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust is following in Canada’s footsteps in order to push through an actual Bitcoin ETF in the United States.





See you in the Metaverse!




Scott McGregor

Scott is a former Award Winning Broadcaster turned Swing Trader based out of Alberta Canada. Scott brings over 10 years of market experience, and has been a contributor for over 4 years. Scott's history in the media gives him an edge in being able to interpret a lot of information and break it down into simple and easy to understand analysis and ask questions that matter to real people.

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