THNO Late night, last minute football thoughts

Ryan Hank Sep 18, 2022

We had a great Week 1 recap and if you were lucky enough to have watched it, you got some deep dives that may help you out this week.

Of course, if you didn’t watch/listen to That Helps No One! FantasyCast, give your head a shake. Its the show that’s sweeping the nation!


As you read this you’re probably freaking out because you saw Gabe Davis was ruled out for Monday, you’re unsure if you should pull the trigger and start George Kittle (I’m doing it no matter what, I’m desperate), or maybe you DID watch the show and thought “HEY, I’ll start Dontrell Hilliard like Ryan said to do.

Don’t start him, he’s out too!

So who is still worth putting out the fishing nets for and dragging something off the bottom?

If you listened to Ted, he had Jamaal Williams in Detroit as his sneaky start. With D’andre Swift still labeled “questionable” for Sunday, Williams could be a coup against the Commanders who gave up over 100 yards rushing last week. A fairly safe flex spot in a pinch.

Steve floated out the idea to move in on DJ Chark. He too will get an opportunity against Washington this weekend and even though he’s not a world burner, he may just get you those few extra points you need to win a week. He has deep ball talent so I guess you have to put your trust in Jared Goff more than anything. Seems easy, right?

Mecole Hardman already played on Thursday so don’t bother listening to any of my ideas.


Guys to watch for:

He’s still pulling in some serious dough in New Orleans but Taysom Hill is listed as a Tight end this season so if they need to switch out famous Jameis Winston, this year’s unique superflex player may be a guy you want to keep your eye on early. If Taysom Hill DOES get the ball, shares are low right now and can likely be had in any league… even in the Taysom Hill only league.

It wouldn’t be a football show if Steve wasn’t suggesting you pay attention to someone on the Ravens. He has a point though when he brought up Devin Duvernay. Rostered in 0.5% of leagues going into Week 2, he now has skyrocketed up to 59% as of publishing ( The Ravens are going to need options to throw to and this may be one of the steals of the year if he’s even remotely consistent.


Who will we choose for THIS week’s THNO Stars? Will it be an O-lineman? Maybe a kicker throwing a TD? How about someone being added to the all-name team like say Equanimeous St. Brown? Throw us out your picks on @THNOFantasyCast on Twitter and make sure to follow our YouTube page and sign up for the podcast wherever podcasts feel like they should be.


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