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Three new Batmans?

brentonontour Oct 23, 2021

That’s right! DC Fandome happened last week with some major reveals (Spoiler Alert)! Full Stream Below!

Like Micheal Keaton returning as Batman in “The Flash” trailer! How stoked are we on this? Well if the rumors are true and it’s based on Batman Beyond, we are getting an old grizzled Batman (Think Don Cherry in the batsuit).

Plus, we got a new Batman trailer for Robert Pattison’s Bruce Wayne which looks like dark, rad reboot which features a non-campy Penguin (more gangster than comical), Riddler, and Catwoman (Lenny Kravitz’s daughter).

Sick of Ben Affleck? Well, there is talk that HIS Batman will continue in the DC Verse created out of Zack Snyder’s cut and that would be fine by me! Maybe he will get Matt Damon to play Robin?

Anyhoo, we chatted all about it this week on the Kids on the Escalator podcast, plus Darryl Hurs from Indie Week Canada stopped by to chat about the festival!

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I tour the world and run concerts for a living..I'm searching for the world's best coffee and will share that journey here.. I will never watch a Fast and The Furious movie..Monster Trucks don't interest me but the band is really cool!

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