TikTok Finds: A Boy Named Sue Sea Shanty

Joe Williamson Mar 27, 2022

Pickle juice chasers. French fries and milkshakes. Pete Davidson and anyone. Some pairings just don’t make sense but work nontheless.

While scrolling through TikTok I came across a unicorn, that is a video that held my attention for longer than 12seconds. The artist going by Krazy Dan B on TikTok took it upon himself to turn the Johnny Cash classic “A Boy Named Sue” into a sea shanty. It sounds crazy BUT IT WORKS!

I tried to find more information about Krazy but unfortunatly, I can’t. I’m not sure what his offical YouTube channel is or if he has Twitter. This has a very Canadian feel to it but who the hell knows. Krazy if you see this, let’s talk about how you market yourself. I’ll be happy to provide some free tips that’ll make it easier for the world to discover you.

For the rest of you, enjoy this gem of a song. And if you enjoyed this article please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel where I talk parenting, pop culture, and politics every week with some awesome guests.

Joe Williamson

Bald Canadian who didn’t play hockey until he was in his mid-thirties. Die hard Raptors fan who proudly admits he wept when they won it all. Loves talking parenting, politics, and all things pop culture.

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