Toronto Blue Jays Early Season Report Card

Apr 19, 2024

As the 20-game mark for the boys of summer is coming up, I wanted to take the chance to look back at how the 10-9 Blue Jays have faired going into Sunny San Diego for the first time since 2013. Now this team because of renovations had to start on the road and while they split with Tampa, Houston and New York rocked the Blue Jays and a 2-2 record became 4-6 going into the team’s opener, jumping ahead 9 games including me going Tuesday, eating 7 Hot Dogs later and the Blue Jays are 10-9 on the year and 6-3 at home.

Hitting: C+

The Blue Jays have the talent and the ability to hit the ball, however, being in the bottom 10 for hitting when you have playoff aspirations is not ideal and borderline inexcusable. Here’s a full breakdown.

Runs: 3.8 (T 21st)

Hits: 7.5 (23rd)

Batting Average: .233 (20th)

On Base Percentage: .325 (12th)

Slugging: .363 (T 21st)

On Base Plus Slugging: .688 (19th)

Homeruns: 16 (T 23rd)

Stolen Bases: 12 (T 13th)

One thing I have noticed through the first 19 games is the Blue Jays have had a major issue with RISP, aka Runners in Scoring Position the Blue Jays rank 23rd with 3.68 RISP, which will cost you games against big bat teams and can come back to bite you when a game that you need a win in could have been a game where a loss isn’t the worst result in the world.

Pitching: B

The pitching rotation has faced its ups and downs but it can be better if the 5th starter spot can have solidified and if John Schneider’s decision-making can have a significant jump, it can get better. The Bullpen got some much-needed relief, with closer Jordan Romano coming back into the lineup adding that closer role and helping sure up a somewhat wonky pen.

Runs Allowed: 4.7 (22nd)

Hits Allowed: 8.4 (T 21st)

Batting Average Against: 0.256 (T 25th)

ERA: 4.72 (27th)

WHIP: 1.37 (24th)

K/9: 9.16 (T 9th)

Homeruns: 29 (29th)

Overall: B-

The 2024 edition of the Toronto Blue Jays sit in 4th in the AL East and are only 0.5 games back of a wildcard. They need work, John Schneider’s decision-making needs to get better and has to stop following analytics so much and for the love of all things holy, they have to improve on their -17 run differential.

They will need to have games where both the pitching staff and bats are clicking and hope guys like Vladdy can regain his potential MVP form to keep up with Tampa, Baltimore and the red-hot New York Yankees. But hey the Rogers Centre is improved and has cup holders so small victories for now I guess. 

Griff Bordignon

Hi, my name is Griff and I'm a complete sports nut. I love to play sports, watch sports and most importantly bet on sports too. If I'm not watching or betting on sports, you can find me on the golf course, between the pipes as your average beer league goaltender. Although sports take up most of my life, I also love spending time with my two dogs, streaming usually a 90's Simpson's or attempting to read more books.

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