Toronto FC Made Sure To Remind CF Montreal That TFC is Still The Only Canadian Team To Win An MLS Cup

Oct 24, 2022

CF Montreal was eliminated from the playoffs, and Toronto FC loves it. 

The Toronto vs Montreal rivalry will spread across any sport the two major Canadian cities play, including the MLS. Toronto FC had a disappointing finish to its campaign and missed the postseason. CF Montreal had an excellent season but failed to pursue the club’s first MLS Cup.

As you can imagine, TFC fans were delighted to be the only Canadian team to win a championship, and the team and its supporters let Montreal know it.

You’d think that TFC and its supporters would be humble, considering Toronto has spent way more on salary than Montreal. However, that wasn’t the case, and the results were hilarious. TFC supporters have moved past the team not making the playoffs. For Montreal fans, the postseason elimination was fresh. The good-natured and angry back and forths between the two fan bases were a laugh Sunday afternoon.

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