Toronto Sends The Tabbies Down The QEW With Their Tails Between Their Legs

Sep 24, 2023

The fourth and final installment of the QEW Rivalry brings us back to where it all started this year at BMO Field where the Boatmen have a chance to sweep the 4-game series with the red-hot Tabbies. But will history repeat itself or will the Tabbies hand Toronto their first home loss of the year?

The game got off to a hot start that unfortunately stalled when DaVaris Daniel couldn’t bring in a Chad Kelly pass attempt, however Toronto did kick a field goal to go up 3-0. As Hamilton went for a throw on second down, Taylor Powell’s pass lands into the hands of Toronto’s Wynton McManis and the big linebacker runs it back 58 yards for the pick six touchdown and all of a sudden the Tabbies have there tales between their legs and Toronto is up 10-0 early on in this football game.

Hamilton had the opportunity to pounce on a Javon Leake fumble but they had to settle for the FG. Next play Chad Kelly let loose and found Dejon Brissett for a 70 yard bomb to put Toronto up 16-3, this game could get out of hand early and is giving off Labour Day Classic vibes early on.

The second quarter is more of the same for the Tabbies as they keep getting stuffed by the Toronto front 7, Toronto with a chance now to go up big. The second quarter was disappointing as both teams had a few stalled drives and rouges to go into the locker room 20-4. If you remember my best bets article, I took the Over of 49.5 and we’re halfway there.

The second half started with more of what we saw in the second quarter, however Hamilton looked like they had something going but Tarvarus McFadden came up big with the stop to give the ball back to Toronto.

Wynton McManis has BMO Field rocking as he gets his second INT of the night and nearly returns it for another pick six but is taken down short of the goal line, Fast forward two plays later and Chad Kelly once again finds Dejon Brissett in the endzone to give Toronto a commanding 27-4 lead late in the third quarter.

We got into the fourth quarter with Hamilton pushing for anything to give them life but when it seemed that all hope was lost, Taylor Powell found Terry Godwin II in the endzone to cut the lead to 16. 27-11 Argos lead.

Hamilton had the chance to gain some major momentum but they  shot themselves in the foot on their next drive. A major punt return negated by a hold and then an intentional grounding call in the end zone gave Toronto a safety, 29-11 Argos. The boatmen managed to hold down the fort as Hamilton attempted to get more points on the board but at the end of the day Toronto proved to be too much and Toronto gets the season sweep over Hamilton to move to 12-1 on the season. Hamilton meanwhile goes to 6-8 on the season with an all important game VS Calgary coming for the Tabbies next weekend.






Griff Bordignon

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