TRAILER: Moving Cars with James Walker!!!!

James Walker Mar 27, 2019
Moving Cars with James Walker is very proud to announce the debut of our new web series: Moving Cars with James Walker!

The show will feature car reviews like you’ve never seen before. Tires will burn! Things will explode! We’ll answer all the big questions: Who’s better? Man or Machine? How far can we go before they stop giving us cars to review? Will Dean ever let us review his car? Will Daren ever get his hands on one of our press cars? Will we ever pick up Jimmy the Prince!?

Tune in every other Wednesday at noon to find out the answers to these questions and many more you didn’t even know you had!

Many thanks to Volvo Canada for lending us our very first test car, the classy and handsome V60 Inscription.

James Walker

James Walker is a freelance writer with a passion for four-wheeled things and twisty roads.

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