Training and Preparation: Chat GPT Interviews Mercedes Nicoll, OLY | E.92

Nov 23, 2023
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Today we DROP IN with Chat GPT and I dig deep to discuss Training and Preparation

This episode AI interviews me, Mercedes Nicoll, and asks about my training and preparation from my life as a professional snowboarder. I dive into topics of trust, personal trainers, visualization, dancing, ice baths and so much more! DROP IN now to find out how a 4x Winter Olympian trained and prepared! Shout out to all my personal trainers along the way in this episode!


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Mercedes Nicoll

After twenty years of dropping into halfpipe competitions, it's time, time for me to drop into something new. I'm picking up a mic, wrangling some guests and DROPPING into my own podcast. Follow or subscribe to DROPPING IN a podcast with Mercedes Nicoll.

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