Trigger Warning: Cole Beasley Says Josh Allen Isn’t The Best QB in The NFL… Bills Mafia Hasn’t Stopped Crying About it

Mar 18, 2023

The more the Bills Mafia tastes their version of success, the more sensitive the “hard as nails” table jumpers become. If Bills Mafia is a culture, it’s a culture of cry babies that celebrates being the AFC East Champions (The only championship you celebrate is a Super Bowl) 

Friday, a former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley said what every football fan on the planet knows, and the Bills Mafia lost its mind.


Aaron Rodgers who went into last season as the reigning back-to-back MVP. Patrick Mahomes is the reigning league and Super Bowl MVP. Mahomes is quite possibly the greatest talent we’ve ever seen at the quarterback position. To rank Rodgers and Mahomes ahead of Josh Allen isn’t slander, it’s logic.

But, I didn’t want you to just take my word for it. So, I asked Twitter. 72% of the voters chose Patrick Mahomes and 28% of the voters don’t watch or don’t understand football.

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