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truLOCAL Trish: All About Ground Meats

Nov 14, 2019

Five second rule totally applies.



While I’m sure meat that fell on the ground is probably still fine (ish), we’re going to talk about actual ground meat. Ground meats are incredibly versatile, they’re good for your body – and best of all, they’re cost-effective. Use ground meat in a multitude of dishes. They can stretch a long way – they’re easy to cook ahead, and they reheat well. You can choose leaner or fattier ground options depending on your diet and flavour preferences – so unless you’re veggie, you can find a ground meat that works for you. And because they’re ground from more exercised parts of the animal, ground meats tend to be better on your wallet – and I’d call that a win.



The most popular ground meat is almost definitely ground beef. Ground beef is a staple in lots of quick and easy dishes. Hamburgers, pasta sauce, tacos, burritos, and meatloaf are just the tip of the iceberg. However, more and more varieties of ground meat have been hitting the scene lately, and they’re totally changing the game. Your favourite staple dishes can all be recreated with interesting swaps, like ground bison or lamb.


What types of ground meat are there?

The most common ground meats, aside from beef, are chicken, turkey, bison, pork, and lamb. You can even order them online to make your easy dinner even simpler.


Which one do I pick?

The type of ground meat you choose depends on a few factors. First is flavour – the meat you choose will totally impact the flavour of your dish. If you want the seasoning to speak for itself, like in a burrito or you’re looking to let toppings or condiments run the show, like on a burger, a leaner choice like turkey, chicken, or lamb will work well. If you’re looking for something more robust, bison or pork are perfect options.



What makes ground meat so great?

Ground meats are effortless. Break them up and cook as-is in a pan, or form them into patties or meatballs. Make them the star of the show, or blend them seamlessly into the background of a dish. They’re also lean and high in protein, making them a great health-conscious choice as well.


You can experiment with different types of meat to change up staple dishes – try a lamb meatball, or a pork burrito! Trust me, your tastebuds will thank you.


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