Tulo Signs With The Yanks So He Can Seek Revenge On The Blue Jays And Their Medical Team

Shug McSween Jan 2, 2019

Oh boy, this is going to go over well.

Troy Tulowitzki has been a china doll of late and has only seen the field for 66 games in the past 2 seasons, but many don’t realize that’s not really his fault. When Tulo hurt himself on the first base bag, the doctors of the Blue Jays told him he would be able to get through the injury without surgery. 6 months of rehab went by and nothing positive came out of it, the next day he booked a surgery date and has missed every game since. Sweet advice Jays….

With ‘Didi G’ out for the year in New York, the Yanks are going to give every opportunity for Tulo to revive his career in the big apple. Chatter seems to be they informed Manny Machado about this signing before they pulled the trigger, which leads me to believe Tulo has agreed to play third, DH and play 1st as well. Far cry from his antics in Toronto.

Speaking of Toronto.

Now that Team Shatkins is paying Tulo $20 mill to play against them in the AL East, expect Russell Martin to be next on the chopping block as Ross Atkins admitted earlier this week, a ton of teams have interest. Names like Devon Travis and Kevin Pillar also have the potential to be moved. The expectation is for the roster to be full of young blood with tons of potential. The Blue Jays are basically copying the mould from the Astros, so a 100 loss season is not out of the question.

Team Shatkins have made a couple moves over the past week, as they have added Matt Shoemaker and Clayton Richard to the mix of arms to battle for a rotation spot. Low risk-high reward additions who aren’t going to smash the box office, but when you want to be shitty, moves like this need to take place.

It’s going to be a tough year at the Dome. All the attention will be on Vladdy Jr once he arrives a few weeks into the season and rightfully so. Jr has a chance to be the best hitter in baseball within his first 2 years, so if Vladdy arrives and is smashing the cover off of the baseball, anything could happen.

Anything as in, they may win 80 games.


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