Turns out “Charlie Montoyo wasn’t the Blue Jays biggest problem”

Aug 15, 2022

There were high, maybe even unrealistic expectations for the Toronto Blue Jays heading into this season. Toronto is still holding onto a Wildcard spot, but there’s something off about the Blue Jays. One thing most Jays fans seem to agree on is; firing Charlie Montoyo solved nothing.

When the Toronto Blue Jays hired Mark Shapiro as president I was indifferent. When former general manager  Alex Anthopoulos stepped down I was incensed. When Shapiro hired Ross Atkins I was dumbfounded. The Blue Jays were ready to go down the road that Cleveland did for years under Shapiro. The Blue Jays were going to become a good team, but never good enough. The Blue Jays doing nothing at the trade deadline this season was the tell tale sign that Toronto’s leadership didn’t have the stones it takes to put a championship team on the field.


Shapiro and Atkins can’t be blamed for the Blue Jays offense. From top to bottom Toronto should strike fear into pitchers’ hearts. But, it’s been slow. The big boys aren’t stepping up when it’s needed, and the Blue Jays troubles go beyond a weak pitching rotation. 

Firing Montoyo when Toronto had a winning record was a knee jerk reaction to an overrated team losing. Bo Bichette who is only 24-years-old has been under a microscope as the MLB has figured out how to pitch him. We’re watching a young player work through the growing pains of being a big leaguer. Blaming Montoyo for that is stupid. 

Atkins promised something he couldn’t deliver and now he’s desperately looking for scapegoats.


Ian is having an “I told you so moment”. First of all, I actually agreed with not giving up the farm for Soto because I thought Toronto needed to sell out on pitching. But Ian’s response to Sid’s tweet is a front office sycophant defending a regime that doesn’t deserve it. 

The fans didn’t set the expectations, Shapiro and Atkins did. Even with the Blue Jays in a playoff spot, they have failed. The Toronto Blue Jays front office doesn’t deserve being defended. They made their bed, now we all get to lay in it.

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