Turns out ‘Sober Bars’ are becoming a thing around the world

brentonontour Dec 4, 2019

Yes, you heard this correctly. People are going to sober bars and still having a good time!


I can attest to this as this year has basically been all about ways to entertain myself sober and keep active in a world that wants you to be anything but.

The world is changing though as people are finding new ways to unwind and socialize. How -you say? Well, the creation of “Sober Bars” seems to be getting some steam. According to an article in the Huffington Post:

“Heavy drinking rates are going up in nearly every age group, according to Statistics Canada. Some of the long-term effects of drinking can include memory loss, high blood pressure, and liver damage. But millennials and Gen-Z — basically, people in their mid-30s and younger — drink less than people in older generations did at the same age.”

Now I know we’d like Millenials to stop complaining about everything these days but I’m discovering that a great deal of Gen X’ers like myself are making lifestyle changes and still need a place to hang out.

Being a Maple Leaf fan before Babcock was canned would certainly tempt you to forgo sobriety, grab a case of 50 and head to the ice hut. It appears, you may just be able to stay in your town without going to the lake to unwind now and maybe just maybe, you will come across people who stop asking you if “you’re nuts” for quitting?

I’m just about ready for people to piss off about it, but I’m also not quite ready to sit down and ask for a”Virgin Jack and Coke”.

Good thing I also like the Vancouver Canucks and there is a small glimmer of hope there that should keep me away from “The Hut”.

For a list of “Sober Bars’ near you have a look here!



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