Turns Out Those Catholic School Kids Might Not Have Been Mocking The Elder And The Whole Thing Was Started By “Black Group’ (Graphic Full Video)

Jan 21, 2019

This is the extended video from the incident and it appears we were all ‘had’.

Jese christ my brain goes into convulsions when I have to get into serious shit like this and make sense of it.


The back story needs more context.


  1. A small group of militant black leaders started calling the kids group “Dirty ass crackers” “Fa&&ots” and “Incest babies,”
  2. When another black man showed up to tell these morons to STFU, the black protesters threatened to beat the shit out of him along with all the white kids.
  3. This is when Nathan Phillips showed up with that life-saving drum and tried to diffuse the situation.  Most of the kids broke into a school spirit chant while a select few chanted ‘Build That Wall”.
  4. I still think the racist kids need a spanking
  5. I believe now the Black Men hurling homophobic slurs calling kids on a school trip ‘Incest Babies’ should get the attention it deserves as well.

I don’t feel sorry for white people.  It’s hard to.  What I do feel sorry for is the conviction rate outlets like ours seem to rush toward for clicks.

It’s tough to rail against any group of people of color no matter what they’ve done.  It’s easy to believe white people behaved poorly without the context of the video (don’t get me wrong, some did).   Instead of rushing to judgment, maybe we should gather all the information before we rage tweet like a bunch of lunatics.  It’s way less fun but does less damage.


Every group has a sect of militant dicks that don’t represent the whole.  It’s just too fucking bad we baseline everything as racist instead of calling ALL the bad actors in a situation like this, bored assholes.

Dean Blundell

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