Twitter is getting some competition, and its Canadian! It’s called @NestsSocial

Dec 21, 2022

To start, yes this is self-promotion and I thank Dean for allowing it to happen.


I was on the show a few weeks ago talking about a new project that I have been working on. Now, I am not shy about fun little projects to prove a point. In the summer I wrote a best-selling book to show our lovely friends over at the Freedom Convoy that they are truly insignificant. But this project has ventured farther than a bit.

When I started doing social media and gaining a large following online I started anonymizing my life. But, before I was the Sheep King I was a developer creating systems and tools for one of Canada’s largest corporations. I don’t do that now but that knowledge doesn’t go away. I have always had this idea that Social Media as we know it is kind of broken now. The switch to algorithmic feeds keeps people in the app and only promotes the shittiest of people. Why? Because it increases engagement thus making companies more money. It’s a delicate balance of how many ads the feed shows to not annoy the user but also keep them in the app.

This has been getting more and more aggressive and is not what Social Media was when it first started. Think back to the early days of Facebook and Twitter. It was a feed of posts from people and users that YOU followed. None of this “You might like this” garbage. I truly believe that it’s time we go back to that and focus on a new way to generate revenue. This is where Nests comes in. Nests is a text-feed social media application that only shows you posts from people you want to see and the things they share. You will not be met with a computer or bot deciding what you need to see and will only be fed what you want. Obviously, you can go see the global side and trending items will be a thing but that will be far from the default.


Moderation will also be done by a human team. No bots or AI determine if something needs to be taken down. Now, this isn’t going to be some “free speech” wet dream that only Elon Musk can soil his weird bedroom with. There will be Community Guidelines and they will be moderated but, we will also promote civil and polite discourse on the platform but we won’t allow you to be a complete butthole.

Finally, we are focusing on a creator-first platform. Selected creators will be able to monetize their feeds and offer additional features to their subscribers similar to Patreon and Twitch’s way of revenue generation. This allows us to NOT run ads. That’s right. This will be an ad-free platform. There is a lot more to go over that I can’t cover here. I made this video here explaining our platform to our Indiegogo campaign.


So when does it come out?

We will be launching the public iOS Beta on Jan 1, 2023. You will be able to create and account and use a limited amount of features for all iPhone users. Android/Web users will be able create an account as well over at This way they can reserve their username for when it launches on their respected platforms.


How Can I Support?

If you want to support our project and give us a financial runway to keep going. Please check out our indiegogo campaign here to see how you can contribute. If you are unable to contribute you can follow us over on Twitter while it’s still up.



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