Twitter Just Closed All Their Offices, Revoked All Employee Badge Access As Employees Opt Out Of Working? Is This The End Of Twitter?

Nov 18, 2022

And it looks like this may be the end ( or the beginning of the end) of Twitter.


Maybe he’s a paranoid Genius??

Or maybe he locked everyone out to do a significant spyware coding update for his buddy Peter Theil and David Sacks, where they figure out a way to weaponize the like button into causing instant death when you like a “Fuck Elon!” Tweet.


ALL Twitter employees had until 5 pm to accept Elon’s new, ambiguous “Twitter 2.0 Hardcore Terms,” and people were locked out shortly after 5 pm expired, which is when the notice went out to all employees.

Last week Scott Galloway said he didn’t think Elon would make it to the end of this week. It would be incredible if he were right.

I found the whole fucking idea to be almost a double negative. Anyone who opted into Elon’s “Twitter 2.0 hardcore army” probably doesn’t have much confidence, and they’re a huge asshole to work with. The Employees with confidence in their ability would probably feel GREAT about collecting severance and finding a job within minutes, doubling their salary for three months.

Of course, it’s distinctly possible Elon got SO many “No’s” that he’s worried about the kind of damage a pissed-off future employee can do in the next three months that he closed shop in case someone indeed pisses in Elon’s punch bowl.

*UPDATE AS I BLOG – 75% of the remaining 50% of Twitter’s Employees opted out of working at Twitter. Elon blinked and appears to be meeting with employees right now, but some pretty serious Tech folks are saying this might be the end for Elon. He bitched his way out of $44Billion in less than two weeks.

What a fucking SHOW.

If this is it, it’s been a slice.  I won’t miss coming across random porn or Conservative and religious assholes or anti-vaxxers. Still, I will miss those cool puppy videos and videos of people hearing for the first time.

That’s about it.


Dean Blundell

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