Twitter Today: Elon Is Surfing Twitter Employee Slack Channels Firing Anyone Who Shit Talks Him/Rehiring People He Publicly Mocked After Firing Them Last Week.

Nov 16, 2022

Elon Musk is a puzzle. For a guy who’s deathly afraid of being unliked and alone, he’s achieving both at light speed.

Last week, one of Elon’s essential Twitter for android engineers corrected a claim Elon made about how slow Twitter was.

An employee working on the thing Elon tweeted about told him he was wrong. After asking for more information, the employee gave Elon more information – then Elon publicly fired him.

Managing people 101.

AAANNND Eric found out the hard way.

Elon isn’t just firing Twitter employees for talking shit about him publicly; he’s going through employee slack channels and firing people for shit-talking him in their group chats.

Because he can.

Elon’s response to the story?

Fuck those geniuses. If they are that smart, they can be smart somewhere else.

It wasn’t all stunt cocking for Elon today.

Remember when Elon fired half his employees on day 3?

And remember when a reporter posted a pic of Rahul Ligma and Daniel Johnson (senior data engineers) and then mocked them with a Ligma Johnson joke?

Yeah. That was a prank. He never fired these two cats. H put them up to it to make a Ligma Johnson joke then pretended he hired them back.

Wut, wut?

Speaking of mistakes.  Here are a few of Elon’s REAL mistakes:

Elon doesn’t know what he is doing, but this Twitter adventure is the best show on earth. Tech critics have whiplash, and every investor and critic from Warren Buffet to Scott Galloway says we’re watching the undoing of a man and one of the essential idea-sharing platforms in human history.

Whatever. I love it.


Dean Blundell

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