Twitter Today: The Paid Verification Experiment Is Over, Bankruptcy is Coming, And Elon HATES Journalists And MSM

Nov 11, 2022

Welcome to another edition of Twitter Today!

We could schedule these by the hour.

Again, I might be in the minority here, But I LOVED the one-day paid verification parade. Drug maker Verified Eli Lilly announced free insulin for everyone, and Verified Ted Cruz offered Verified Ben Shapiro blow jobs.

BTW, this is EXACTLY why Twitter created blue checkmarks in the first place. So these things wouldn’t happen.

Elon hasn’t said a word about killing the paid “Blue” verification because he’s been busy trying to convince Twidiots that all MSM and traditional journalism is the enemy of the people. He’s tying the Blue Verication as a revenge play to turn Twitter into a weapon against Journalists and MSM outlets who say things he doesn’t like.


For all his efforts, Elon walked into the gaming arcade room at Twitter today, and employees put this on an LED screen on their living wall.

Nice huh?

Elon is so tuned into this Twitter adventure a Twitter follower had to remind him he also Owns Quill, which might help Twitter’s UX.


Today’s developments follow yesterday’s mind-blowing statement from Elon about the possibility of filing for Bankruptcy after his entire senior Leadership team walked out on Friday.

I get the distinct feeling Elon HATES MSM and anyone who identifies as a journalist. I also get the feeling that’s the entire reason Elon bought Twitter. To fight back against anyone and everyone who dare question his brilliance or write about importing Teslas from China..

Or offering a horse for a hand job.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like “NEW” Twitter.  It’s the most fun it’s ever been, and Elon’s misses are the reason.

Elon said he would be doing a bunch of “dumb stuff” over the next few months, so don’t act surprised when the dumb stuff doesn’t work out.

If failure is the only way to success, Elon’s KILLING it.



Dean Blundell

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