UH OH. Looks Like The US Government Wants To Have A Chat With Elon About All That Foreign Government Twitter Stuff

Nov 10, 2022

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Did you notice the sly little grin at the end where he dropped, “that’s all I’ll say…”

Wink Wink.

Elon is smart-stupid. Smart enough to rally rocket scientists and bankers, stupid enough to ego tweet receipts of a foreign conspiracy.

Several foreign government trust funds are involved in Elon’s purchase of Twitter, including the Saudis who LOVE murdering journalists and appreciate great PR in the US.

Canadian hedgefund Brookefield and the Qatar government are also DEEP into Twitter, but the Saudis put up the most, and that’s PROBABLY the biggest reason for Biden’s comments. That and the sheer influence Elon has over any election in any country where Twitter is widely used.

Regulations are coming. They have to be. Facebook just pumped 11k employees in a MASSIVE company-wide purge; Twitter lost half its workforce, and the social media tech bubble is bursting as we sit here with our coffees buying blue memberships.

The US government is slowly getting its arms around the idea that Zuck, Musk, and a few other incels operating social media platforms, need to be regulated. To what extent, I don’t know, but I get the distinct feeling that between Bill c-11 and the US government’s interest in regulating FB and Twitter, Elon’s about to lose BIGLY. Zuckerberg too.

They curate way too much influence, and they’re too big. Zuck and Musk are also valueless, and the US government knows that. Elon would rather keep the Russian/Chinese markets in play for their bottom line than do the right thing.

Anti-trust. National security. Whatever. There’s got to be something they can hang on Elon to force him to stop selling Blue Checkmarks to guys I work with, too.

Pure shame.



Dean Blundell

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