Update: Racist Wrestling Ref Sent Home After Forcing Wrestler To Cut His Hair Before The Match

Shug McSween Dec 22, 2018



A New Jersey referee who forced a high-school wrestler to cut his dreadlocks right before a match has been barred from further officiating pending an investigation into the incident, school district officials said Friday.

The unnamed Buena Regional High School student was told at a match Wednesday night that his hair and headgear were not compliant with regulation and would have to instantly cut his long locks or forfeit the round, according to a statement Friday from the Buena Regional School District.

The New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association released a statement Friday that said it would recommend the referee, who was not named, not officiate any matches until a review could be completed.

“Regulations regarding hair length and legal hair covers for wrestlers are provided by the National Federation of State High School Associations,” the statement read. “At this point, the NJSIAA is working to determine the exact nature of the incident and whether an infraction occurred.”

Today was not a good day.

His name is Alan Maloney and he’s a piece of shit. Have another donut, bud.

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Some have argued, he was just doing his job. Oh really, so you’re telling me he’s a decent guy?

“At an event for officials, Maloney called a colleague a ni**er. He said he didn’t remember it but later apologized. The African-American ref knocked Maloney down after Maloney poked him in the chest and called him the n-word. Both were initially sanctioned by the ref’s association.”

Guess not, eh?

That’s enough for me about Alan, let’s remember the name Andrew Johnson, he’s the only one that matters in this.

Congrats on the win kid.


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