Utah Hockey Club: When Creativity Takes a Siesta and Jerseys Scream ‘Beer League Chic’

Jun 13, 2024

The Utah Hockey Club, formerly known as the Arizona Coyotes, has officially unveiled its temporary name and jerseys for the highly anticipated 2024-25 inaugural season. This marks a significant milestone in the team’s relocation to Salt Lake City and the introduction of NHL hockey to the state of Utah.

The Utah Hockey Club’s temporary name and jersey unveiling has left hockey fans scratching their heads, wondering if the team’s creativity took an extended vacation. With a moniker as generic as “Utah Hockey Club,” one can’t help but imagine a group of middle-aged dads gathering for their weekly beer league game.

As for the jerseys, they seem to have taken a page straight out of the “Keep It Simple, Silly” playbook. The diagonal “UTAH” emblazoned across the front is a bold statement, but it’s also a statement that screams, “We couldn’t be bothered to come up with an actual design.” These jerseys look like they were whipped up in someone’s basement, with a sharpie and a couple of old t-shirts.While the team’s color scheme of mountain blue, rock black, and salt white is a nod to Utah’s natural beauty, the execution leaves much to be desired. One can’t help but wonder if the designers were inspired by a particularly drab winter day or a pile of dirty laundry.

Ultimately, the Utah Hockey Club’s temporary branding feels like a half-hearted effort, a placeholder until they can come up with something more substantial. Perhaps they’re saving their creative juices for the permanent name and logo, or maybe they’re just embracing the “beer league chic” aesthetic wholeheartedly.

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