Video: Vancouver man stabbed at Starbucks, while people recorded it drinking non-fat latte’s, has died

Mar 28, 2023

(Graphic/Trigger Warning)

A man was randomly stabbed and died at a Vancouver Starbucks while people who could have helped sat around recording it for clicks and views.

Man, we have lost the entire script.

This is VERY hard to watch, so please be warned.









According to reports, the man was stabbed while entering a Starbucks with his wife and kid in tow. They watched the whole thing.

Employees and onlookers had enough time to whip out their phones to record the murder while the man slowly died in front of his family.

Fucking gross.

Different narratives to come out of this. I’m here for one: We care more about going viral than the lives of humans we live, work, and play with.

That’s why I posted the video. So you can see what we’ve become.

I’m sad about the incredibly pointless loss of life and gutted by the response of ANYONE in a position to help the man choosing to do play-by-play on their phone while sipping a 7-dollar coffee instead.

What are we even doing?




Dean Blundell

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