Video: A Couple Of England Fans ‘Hunting For Beers’ In QATAR Ended Up Partying With The Shaikh’s Son And His Lions And They Have Proof

Nov 21, 2022

Qatar has beer, and these guys went straight to the source while waiting for England/Iran to start.

The Shaikh’s sons’ PALACE where they partied, drank and played with monkeys and lions because the Shaikh’s son likes to get fucked up and watch soccer too.

Drinking is a serious no-no in Qatar unless you’re rich. As a hardline Muslim country, it’s forbidden unless you have shit piles of money or you are a member of the ruling family or government, and the lads hit paydirt.

Last week Qatar banned drinking in stadiums during games TWO DAYS BEFORE The World cup began, so fans are predictably pissed off.  Unless you are sitting in one of the luxury suites that cost $30k US per game, you’re only allowed to drink Non-Alcoholic Budweiser, and the beer venues outside stadiums close 3 hours before the game.

Making friends with Shaikh’s son is a fucking GREAT workaround.



Dean Blundell

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